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Is losing your top talent keeping you up at night?

Feeling frustrated as you watch talented potential leaders walk out the door in search of something else?  

Disappointed when your young alumni or student athletes give up on the career of their dreams, all because they didn’t have the right support to reach their goals?

Do you yearn to see more leadership from your managers and know you need to do something different to support their growth in this area?

Are you worried about keeping up with the leaders in your industry? Do you have what it takes to compete for top talent?

EduNova is proud to partner with En Point on the Study and Stay™ and Stay in Nova Scotia programs. These two programs are unique in Canada, if not the world, and have won both national and international awards. As EduNova’s private sector partner, En Point has been an integral part of the conception and implementation of these programs, in supporting international students in acquiring the skills and connections they need to launch a successful career in Nova Scotia. En Point is a nimble and responsive partner, who has been able to quickly adapt to the unique needs of our programs and students.


Wendy Luther, Former President & CEO Edunova

With En Point’s proven methods in mentorship and career development,

we will help you find the solutions to your unique challenge

Whether you use En Point’s Mentorship Platform, or work with us to develop your own career development program, we set you up to achieve sustainable and meaningful results that last a lifetime, creating concrete outcomes for your students, employees and athletes.

We help clients create and maintain a high-impact mentorship program, using our easy-to-use, completely customizable and fully automated platform. The platform’s automation means you can focus on what really matters, creating amazing results for your students, athletes and employees.

If you’re not sure where to start, we also offer advisory services from experts in the mentorship industry who will supplement your organization’s efforts, ensuring your mentorship program is set up for success.  

At En Point we understand that careers are always evolving

Whether you are guiding your employees to even greater heights, helping to shape your students or athletes’ budding careers, or supporting your young alumni as they navigate their career journey  developing their confidence, skills and connections will bring them closer to success.

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