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At En Point, we specialize in helping young professionals and athletes realize their passion off the court and out of the classroom, and translate this passion into a career. We’re here because we care. We care about you, your success and what you do beyond athletics or school.  

Let us help your athletes and students with their next steps

It matters to us what your athletes and students do once they’ve played their final game or crossed the stage. You’ve coached, mentored and taught your athlete into the best competitor they can be and with En Point’s support, guidance and proven expertise, we’ll help transform them into the best complete person – from athlete, to student now on to young professional. 

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Career Kickstarter Academy

Through our online academy, individuals and client groups have access to a variety of workshops and resources that they can complete at their own pace from their computer, tablet or phone.

Career Kickstarter

4 Parts
In this micro-series, create your own personal career blueprint with our expertise and proven process to guide you to success.  We’ll walk you through setting up a plan with concrete goals and timelines, and provide resources to help you achieve those goals.
Resume Revival
1 Hour
Learn how to structure and style your resume to stand out from other candidates. Best practices will be shared on how to: showcase your personality and skills, connect interests to your industry of choice, and align with your  overall “pitch”.

Interviewing 101
1 Hour
Learn about typical interviewing processes and how to effectively prepare for each step, from phone screens to group interviews. We’ll talk tips and tricks on how to prepare, conquer nerves, answer questions in an engaging way, and navigate the “salary question.”


We help clients create, manage, and maintain a structured mentorship program to connect their players or students to alumni and mentors, through our proprietary platform Students2Mentors.  The platform’s automation makes it easy to create and administer a mentorship program so you can focus on what really matters, your students or players. 
The leading company for helping young people and athletes connect their passion to a meaningful career.
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