Why Us?

Passion is our promise.

It takes work to figure out what we’re passionate about and it’s not easy to connect that passion to a career. It takes focus, commitment, and the ability to ask yourself some difficult questions. We’ve dedicated our business to helping young professionals and athletes do just that. We want to share our passion for what we do strengthened by what we’ve learned from our work with thousands of young professionals, enabling more to start a career that gives them everything – success, satisfaction and a deep connection to the work they do.

To our clients:

  • As coaches, trainers, and teachers, you care about your athletes’ and students’ success and support beyond your work with them. We are that support.
  • We help fulfill your brand promise of taking care, not only of the athlete or student but of the whole person.
  • We help your young adults find answers to the “what’s next”, create a plan and strategy to secure that next step, and build the confidence and skills to help them advance their career for years to come.
  • Offering this unique partnership aids in the recruitment of top athletes.

EduNova is proud to partner with En Point on the Study and Stay™ and Stay in Nova Scotia programs. These two programs are unique in Canada, if not the world, and have won both national and international awards. As EduNova’s private sector partner, En Point has been an integral part of the conception and implementation of these programs, in supporting international students in acquiring the skills and connections they need to launch a successful career in Nova Scotia. En Point is a nimble and responsive partner, who has been able to quickly adapt to the unique needs of our programs and students.


Wendy Luther, Former President & CEO Edunova

To the young professionals and athletes we work with:

  • Even if your organization isn’t a part of En Point, we’d still love for you to be a part of our community. Check out our resource section full of tips and tricks on getting your dream career started and follow us on social!
  • We’ll help you connect your passions beyond school or athletics to possible career options and provide a path to help you explore those options.
  • You already have access to a network of people, but if you don’t know how to leverage that, you’re getting no benefit. We understand networks and will help you make the most of yours.
  • By learning with En Point, you will develop transferable skills and practical knowledge that sets you up for success in the “real world.”
  • We work with young professionals of all backgrounds and career interests. We specialize in supporting international students looking to transition into the workforce in a new country and those coming from athletics programs as we understand the added difficulties you may have in the transition from athletics as a primary focus.