Questions to Ask your Mentor

Questions to Ask your Mentor

When speaking with your mentor it’s important to be mindful of the nature of the relationship, and to keep communication professional. As you develop your relationship, you and your mentor will set the tone of the relationship.

Over time you will both understand what questions are appropriate and which onesare not. Here are a couple questions you can ask your mentor to the get the initial conversation rolling:

Career Discovery Questions:

·     How did you get where you are today?

·     Why do you do what you do? In terms of career as well as choosing to be a mentor?

·     What does a typical work day/week look like?

·     How would you describe your work environment?

·     What do you wish you had known or been told before your first job or before you had started in the industry?

Job Search & Networking Questions:

·     What can I do to stay current in the field/industry?

·     What was a key lesson you learned early on as an emerging professional?

·     What kinds of things should I be doing now to prepare myself for my starting career?

·     How do you build and maintain your network?

·     What skills or characteristics have been most important in your career? How did you develop them?

Increasing Self Awareness Questions:

·     How am I presenting myself when we meet in person?

·     Is there anything you think I can do to improve my communication and professional skills?

·     Was there a time you made a mistake or felt like you had failed? How did you recover?

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