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Mentorship Made Easy

Using the En Point Mentorship platform, we help clients create, manage, and maintain a structured mentorship program to connect their players or students to alumni and mentors, through our proprietary platform. We’ve connected thousands of students with mentors in their community and would welcome the opportunity to support yours in doing the same!

Platform Functions and Benefits:

  • Cloud-based platform allows clients to create, administer, and monitor success of mentorship programs.
  • Provides one location for students, mentors, and administrators to access.
  • Automated system that pushes notifications, reminders, and tasks to students and mentors on a schedule set by client.
  • Tracks results of individual relationships and on overall program progress.
  • Can be white-labled
  • Integrates with email for ease of use.
  • Provides a comprehensive mentorship tool that is customizable to your brand.
  • Includes templates and best practices and tips for mentees and mentors.

Sample Mentorship Sites

This has allowed us to engage our alumni community in a meaningful, easy way while also supporting our students in advancing in their academic and professional careers. Mentors and students find the platform easy to use which allows me as an administrator to focus on building relationships and supporting students’ career development instead of administrative tasks.

Prior to this we were running our mentoring program using spreadsheets and web forms and it was an administrative nightmare. Now we simply create our program, make our matches and then it practically runs on its own.