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Your people are your biggest assets – Grow your people, grow your success

We know as a busy leader you don’t have time to manually hunt down potential mentor/mentee matches all day long, organize an excel spreadsheet of data, and monitor relationships. The good news is you don’t have to!  

With EnPoint Mentorship, we’ll save you days overthinking the best way to create your mentorship program and ensure your program has built-in sustainability through our technology. Let us help you create a program that delivers exactly what you need, so you can save time and get back to doing what you do best!  

EnPoint Mentorship enables you to create and maintain a high-impact connection between mentors and mentees with minimal effort on your part. Our customizable platform harnesses the power of mentorship in an easy-to-use, cloud-based tool designed to help create structured, but meaningful relationships.

Save time and administrative burden with automated communication

Gives your organization a competitive edge in all of your recruitment efforts

Match mentors to the best mentees using custom questionnaires

Track progress and measure results so you can make adaptations as you go

Implement, maintain and scale your career mentorship program all with the click of a button

This has allowed us to engage our alumni community in a meaningful, easy way while also supporting our students in advancing in their academic and professional careers. Mentors and students find the platform easy to use which allows me as an administrator to focus on building relationships and supporting students’ career development instead of administrative tasks.

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Why partner with EnPoint?

From consultation to implementation and post-launch after-care, EnPoint is excited to help you with each step of your mentorship program design. In addition to our Mentorship Platform, EnPoint offers advisory services from experts in the mentorship industry who will supplement your organization’s efforts, ensuring your program is set up for success. 

We create a partnership approach to finding package of services that suits your mentorship program needs, budget, and timelines. EnPoint also provides additional career development supports which can be built into your mentorship program.

Wondering how to create a high-impact mentorship program?

Learn about the top 3 mistakes that make a mentorship program fizzle out before the results start to show! 

En Point Mentorship Platform has been an invaluable tool in the operation of the TD Spark Mentorship Program. It is a fool-proof tool to manage and maintain the program. The cloud-based system provides on contact point to match and connect mentors and participants. It has also helped to administer, manage, contact, track, monitor and push reminders to maintain program progress.

It is an easy tool and has supported our mission to create an environment where youth are inspired and empowered to create and nurture professional networks.

Emma Beukema

Director of Entrepreneurship, Black Business Initiative