Features & Benefits

The En Point Mentorship Platform enables you to create and maintain a high-impact connection between mentors and mentees with minimal effort. 

  • Save time and administrative burden with automated communication
  • Gives your organization a competitive edge in all of your recruitment efforts
  • Match mentors to the best mentees using custom questionnaires
  • Track progress and measure results so you can make adaptations as you go
  • Implement, maintain and scale your career mentorship program all with the click of a button
Features + Functions


  • Accessible from anywhere – any time
  • One location for participants and administrators to access

Automated system

  • Push notifications for schedules, reminders and tasks
  • Options to have industry experts create your program, saving you time and efforts


  • Designed to be an extension of your brand
  • Ideal for all types of mentorship programs, such as university mentorship programs, career mentorship for athletes, or mentorship programs for businesses

Comprehensive mentorship tool

  • One place for the creation, maintenance, and tracking of your mentorship program
  • Easy set up with templates included
  • Manages the intake, matching, and relationship of mentee/mentors
  • Tracks all results, eliminating administrative burden


  • Uses industry standards for technical security, ensuring your data is protected

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