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5 Ways to Combat a “Lack of Experience” in Interviews and your Resume
Oftentimes when we are just entering the workforce, it’s easy to feel intimidated to apply for a potential job because of the “experience requirements” a company lists in their job ad. Don’t hit the freak-out button just yet! Here are some areas to consider drawing relevant experience to get you started on applying for the position you really want!

Mentorship: Questions to Ask
One of the most common mentorship questions we get asked from both mentors and mentees is “how do I start building the relationship?
Read more to find out. 

Making Your Dream Job a Reality
It’s not easy to find your passion. But none of us want to spend our lives dreading going to work every day. At EnPoint, our mission is to help you find your dream job, and make it a reality. Read more here! 

Crafting Your Resume: Where to start? We all know how important resumes are. It’s the piece of paper that represents you. It’s often the first impression, and  what gets you through the door. If you’re job hunting, crafting the perfect resume is usually the first step. But it’s not enough to simply list your experience and skills – you need something more. Learn what you need here

Getting the Interview One of the most frustrating parts of job hunting is applying to job after job and never hearing anything back. When we asked our followers what the hardest part of the job search is, the most common answer was not being able to get an interview. Getting your foot in the door is the hardest part, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances. Learn more here! 

Questions to Ask your Mentor Here are a couple questions you can ask your mentor to the get the initial conversation rolling! Check them out here

Questions to Ask your Mentee Here are a couple questions you can ask your mentee to the get the initial conversation rolling! Check them out here


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Finding Your Next Steps: Here at En Point, we specialize in helping athletes just like you figure out your next career step after you play your last game. We support you in identifying your second passion and connecting that to your next stage in your career. Learn more about how En Point helps people like you here

The En Point Story: Chantal Brine, CEO of En Point shares their history, company mission and exactly how she is helping young professionals develop their passion into meaningful careers. En Point has helped over 1,500 young professionals and athletes make the transition from the classroom or court to a career, finding their passions along the way. Learn all about En Point here! 

Get Out of Your Own Way | Chantal Brine, CEO En Point | TEDxNSCAD | Chantal was mentored as a young professional and explains what a difference it made to her life. Here she showcases the need of mentorship in business and in life. Check it out here! 

Authenticity: Harnessing the power of your “you-ness” |Chantal Brine, CEO En Point | TEDxMSVU | Life is too short to do something that you are not passionate about. Harnessing the power of your “you-ness” will help you live life with passion and purpose. You don’t want to miss this one! Watch it here. 

QMJHL Friday Night Hockey interview: En Point CEO Chantal Brine was live on Eastlink’s QMJHL production on Friday, November 17th. The host Mavs interviewed Chantal and former Moosehead Austyn Hardie, who is a participant in the Halifax Mooseheads Career Development Program. The Halifax Mooseheads partners with En Point to help their athletes’ transition to the workforce from their athletic career. Watch the replay here! 

10 tips for building your personal brand: Chantal Brine, CEO En Point, shares her 10 tips for building your personal brand at a local charity fundraiser hosted by Queen Pins. To learn more about Queen Pins check out, https://QueenPins.ca. Watch Chantal’s talk here!