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Rethinking Employment 2020! We recently collaborated with Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Volta, Halifax PartnershipHalifax Innovation District and Two Igloos on a project that has recent graduates building solutions for the future of work in Atlantic Canada. As many of you know, COVID-19 has brought new challenges to workplace learning opportunities for students. As partners, we’ve come together to learn more about what the future of experiential work looks like, and how we can help students secure employment in our current environment. From the findings, a playbook was created with 5 tips for students and employers and a YouTube video was shared.

Learn more about the Atlantic Canada Study and Stay program here!
En Point provides a managed mentorship component as an integral part of the Atlantic Canada Study and Stay™ Program. Mentorship provides an opportunity for students to apply their learning, build connections, and gain a better understanding of workplace culture and labor market opportunities in the region. Learn more in this video.

AUTHENTICITY: What’s your thing? It’s Chantal Brine’s job to find out.
Chantal Brine said she is a huge believer in the power of mentorship. “It helps with all of the core components, while building a relationship with a client or partner. It allows a person to be vulnerable and give back at the same time to the relationship.

Hire. Experience. Connect. Halifax Partnership’s Game Changers Guide to Hiring Youth: 10 Tips for Hiring and Retaining Young Professionals by Chantal Brine (Page 17)

Graduates of Stay in Nova Scotia 2017-18: Hottest Event of the Year! Successful completion of the second cohort involving students and mentors across urban and rural Nova Scotia.

2018 Best Conference (Building Employment And Successful Transitions 100 students from EduNova’s STAY in NS and Study and Stay programs attended this event to receive practical training and help to position themselves in the Nova Scotia job market, school, and workplace.

Halifax Mooseheads Team Up with local company to support former players We are thrilled to partner with the Halifax Mooseheads and support their alumni in starting meaningful careers.  We founded this business to help young people connect their passion to making a living and lead careers they are excited about. To support these former players, who have already demonstrated such commitment and leadership, in doing just that is an honor.”

EduNova Study and Stay Program: “Only about 2-3% of international students stay post-graduation, but a lot of the research shows that up to 70% or 74% would like to”

Atlantic Canada’s Top 25 Employers: Want to attract top candidates? Focus on your brand “Companies need to actively work on branding to attract the best employees. Potential candidates, whether passive or active, are paying attention to those things.”

Press Releases

What’s Next for Halifax Mooseheads Senior Players? With the Memorial Cup over, what’s next for senior players? The Halifax Mooseheads harness the power of mentorship, providing a unique solution for the players won’t move on to the NHL.  Less than 5% of players who played in the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) make it to the NHL. What happens to the other 95+ %? The Halifax Mooseheads have partnered with En Point, a local mentorship organization, to create a unique solution for their team alumni.

Basketball Nova Scotia (BNS) Partners with En Point to Help Athletes Transform into Professionals:  En Point will be part of the 2019 Provincial Team athletes services, assisting with the organization’s emphasis on education and life after basketball.

StFX Athletics launches ‘ConneXions’ Mentoring Program: StFX Athletics is excited to announce the launch of the ‘ConneXions’ Mentoring Program for StFX varsity student-athletes.

 Partnership to Keep International Graduates in Nova Scotia: Connecting graduates with opportunity Mount Saint Vincent University is collaborating with Halifax-based talent firm to help connect international student graduates with employers and opportunities to start their careers in Nova Scotia.