About Us

Our Genesis

Our company was initially created in response to the provincial need to keep young, talented professionals in Nova Scotia. Our focus was to address the systemic problem of home-grown talented young professionals leaving after graduation.

After many discussions with young adults, institutions, parents, employers, and other stakeholders, we discovered the problem. And so, we set out to create the solution – helping young people figure out what they are passionate about and helping them to create a strategy, tools and meaningful connections to enable them to transform that passion into a career.

Becoming EnPoint

Fast forward two years. We are proud and excited to announce our rebrand to EnPoint – representing our focus on living a career that is “on point,” one where you are called to rise up to the best you can be and have the strength to fight for work that you love.

Our mission is simple, support one million young adults in discovering and starting careers where they connect their passion to a career.  We love that we can help you find your dream career and that you are looking for it. We look forward to adding your success story to our own.

Where We Are Today

Made up of a team of seasoned entrepreneurs in the talent business, and a CEO that has an unwavering commitment to building people, we are creating a movement that sees people loving what they do, and where going to work is no longer a chore.