Crafting Your Resume: Where to start?

Crafting Your Resume: Where to start?

We all know how important resumes are. It’s the piece of paper that represents you. It’s often the first impression, and  what gets you through the door. If you’re job hunting, crafting the perfect resume is usually the first step. But it’s not enough to simply list your experience and skills – you need something more. In order to stand out from the pile of applications that employers receive, you need to grab their interest. Writing a killer summary paragraph and strong demonstration statement can make all the difference in keeping your resume on the table.

Your summary should give the employer a good sense of who you are, and entice them to read on further. Your demonstration statement should highlight your experience and skills, and show why you are the right one for the job. It’s easier said than done, but it is possible. We have created two simple resources pages to help get you started. You can find examples, strategies, and tips for improving your summary and demonstration statements below. Whether you are starting from scratch or tweaking your current resume, taking the time to improve these two aspects can make all the difference.

Writing a Summary

Demonstration Statements

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